Giving, stuff, comfort…..

Giving is something that seems so foreign as of late. We live in a culture where most people are looking out for what they are going to get from a job, another person, the government, etc. It is a pretty powerful evil that people completely over look. If it doesn’t benefit me, my family or my  situation- why would I engage.

Because life isn’t about being comfortable.

WOAH. yeah, I’m sure that was a punch in the gut to some. But guess what- being comfortable in all situations isn’t what this life is about, or rather it isn’t for me. (And I’d hope it isn’t for you too.)

We are all so spoiled with cars, and phones and houses and air conditioning (or swamp coolers) and grocery stores. We have any and everything we could ever need at our fingertips, and we think that anyone that doesn’t use, isn’t privileged to or can’t afford to be “comfortable” is lesser. That they don’t work hard, that they aren’t trying. Guess what, those with less tend to give more- of their time, treasures and love.

We talk about it in my Bible study, the things. Americans especially, are so attached to their stuff. But that is all it is. Just stuff. It doesn’t love you, it won’t smile at you when you need it, ask you to pray when things are good or hard, it won’t tell you that it is happy you are alive. The stuff won’t visit you in the hospital if you fall ill, it won’t hold your hand. The stuff.

When you add the “whats in it for me” with the stuff and the expectation of comfort, you get a lot of empty people that seem to turn a blind eye to people and things that should matter. That person in need of clothes, maybe they came here from another country to make a life for themselves and found out that their education means nothing here. Maybe they were too far along in age to earn another degree, maybe they were promised help that never came. Maybe. Maybe they are in need, maybe they are going to drive you nuts with their needs but what they are asking for isn’t out of line, just going to take some time to fill.

That person that might be homeless, might not be- if you talk to that person, you might find out that they haven’t ever been able to take care of themselves and when their caregiver- their mother- passed away 7 years ago they have been lost, and a pair of socks, a listening ear and a prayer mean so much.

Giving doesn’t have to be a huge ordeal, and so many think if it isn’t a big gesture it doesn’t matter, WRONG. The minute you decide to step outside of your comfort zone and give to another, a smile, an open door, a handshake, a hug, it has become a big gesture. So get out of your head, your comfort zone and be kind, extend a smile, help. Put the judgement aside, get rid of the stuff, bring it back to what matters- Love.

Love is it.



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